Watches to wear to work: What guys need in their collections

Watches to wear to work: What guys need in their collections

Businessmen are often engaged in collecting watches: every meeting, event appropriate hours. Any self-respecting businessman understands how important perfection is in every detail, both in presentation and in appearance. The watch is an image, a status in the world of first-class business, an indispensable accessory, on which contracts for millions of dollars can depend.

What we will tell luxury watches about its owner: “I appreciate the quality. For me, accuracy is important. I pay attention to the details. I notice the style and class. I appreciate the image that you represent about me, so I will do everything possible to make a good impression. ”

What ordinary inexpensive watches tell us about their owner: “I do not care about quality, accuracy is not about me, the details for me are not important, style and class for other people. I do not care what others think of me. ”

Now imagine that two businessmen are sitting in front of you, with whom do you want to deal with them, starting from the appearance?

Undoubtedly, there is another category of people who do not care at all, who will think about them, because they are billionaires. They should not appear on the board of directors in an old plastic watch. Do not repeat this until you become billionaires yourself. You can go for the william l 1985 watch collections now.

The clock in accordance with the visited event is a key element of the correct image. Suppose you go to a meeting with the owner of the corporation, which is an ardent admirer of aviation, take the opportunity to put on a luxurious aviator-style watch. Meeting with the French delegation? Be sure of the enthusiastic compliments, if on your arm the hours of the elite French brand will flaunt.

Top tips for choosing a watch:

Do not wear fakes or replicas. Your interlocutor will notice this in a matter of seconds, and by asking an intriguing question about the hours, you will start making up stories. Remember, no one will want to deal with liars. It is better to turn to a reliable pawnshop of Swiss watches and pick up your watch at an affordable price. You can shop online here.

Be aware of the technical details of your watch. What kind of watch are chronographs, analog, automatic winding or quartz watches? How do I set the date and time?

What is the history of this watch?

  • If you prefer watches with a leather strap, buy an extra strap to replace worn ones. The battered old strap looks bad and also smells bad.
  • Be sure that the clock is right for your appearance. Think about what impression you want to leave? What do the clocks say about you? Are they appropriate for the event? Or do you always wear the same watch?
  • If you have a sporty image, take care of buying luxury sports watches. Forget about your training hours, they are exclusively for sports.

If you have the image of a conservative person, take a look at elite watches with a classic design with simple clean lines, without technical “bloat.”

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