The rise of streetwear from Hip to Catwalk

The rise of streetwear from Hip to Catwalk

There has been a radical change in the world of high fashion over the years. It all began back in 1960, when pioneering designer Yves Saint Laurent sent his autumn/winter “Beat” collection strutting down the catwalk and watchers realised that he had taken inspiration from what teenagers and existentialists on the Left Bank of Paris were wearing. All of a sudden, the notorious black leather jacket was high fashion; streetwear had officially made the leap from the street to the catwalk.

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Streetwise couture

Fast forward a few decades and you might even see young lady’s wearing Prom Dresses to day to day events and not just to special occasions which can be found at sites like

 Streetwear has become a major inspiration for a variety of high fashion labels, although there is still a gulf of sorts between the work of globally recognised designers and that of dedicated streetwear labels like Palace Skateboards and Supreme.

Nevertheless, streetwear style is a firm favourite; this can be seen in the elevation of the humble hoodie, with Versace releasing their own cognac-hued mink version last year. The likes of Mark Zuckerberg have also helped the hoodie attain a new patina of credibility, though not just any hoodie will do, as you can see at

Meanwhile, the likes of London-based designer Nasir Mazhar, who cleverly reinvents sweatshirts and caps, are also going against the outdated belief that streetwear can’t be stylish and exquisitely designed. He has famously said his goal is to see his clothing stocked in the likes of JD Sports rather than plastered across the glossy pages of Vogue.

Labels like Hood by Air have also been doing their part, creating innovative streetwear pieces that are creatively designed without having any unnecessary or pretentious high fashion additions (such as the use of mink or duchesse satin, for example). As a result, their clothing can be just as comfortably worn out on the streets where it belongs as it can be worn on the catwalk.

Adding the finishing touches

If you’re a streetwear devotee and committed to your hoodie and your sweatshirt but want to find the perfect accompaniment, all you need is a great pair of jeans.
It’s about time the black leather jacket and the hoodie finally received their fashion cred, and that doesn’t look about to change any time soon.

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