SEO Mistakes for 2018

SEO Mistakes for 2018

There are two more ways of defining a backlink. These are do-follow link and “no-follow” link. A “Do-follow” is a hyperlink that is in a position to tell search engine to pass along its page rank authority to a outbound link. A “No-follow” link is hyperlinks that remove the ability to pass on it’s on its page rank status to other sites.

How does ‘dofollow’ and ‘nofollow’ links works?

In order to read webpage and search for content, a Google Spider will visit and read so, it will regard links with a “dofollow” feature and exclude any links with a “nofollow” attribute. Therefore, your PR will get better with Bing or yahoo if the spider likes what they see on a “do-follow” site. If they come across a “nofollow” link, they will fail to respond to it and thence harm your online presence. In conclusion, search engines will improve your rank in the search result if you have more backlinks from high PR sites. The more the “do-follow “links to your sites, the better and higher you will rank on google and the other search engines.

Where to place No-follow or Do-follow Backlinks:

Sites, which are updated frequently, and those that have high traffic is where you should aim at posting this will obtain you better search engine status as well as a higher page rank. Is that your web content should match the content of the site that you intent to post in since search engines will be on the lookout for related backlinks. In conclusion, when adding either no-follow backlinks your objective should be to have as many quality and related backlinks to your site as possible to help improve your search engine rankings and your authority status on google!

Reasons for using no-follow links

No-follow links are useful if you want to link out to a site with questionable content, adult content or employs questionable linking tactics. You can also use nofollow links to stop spiders getting to sites that you feel have enough links of their own like hacker safe or site you have to pay to get their badge on your site. Such site does not need your link. Use these links if you are creating a page that does not need a webpage ranking. This can be an internal page, a small function page or a page that is only needed by people who already know where it is. The best backlinks are those that come naturally as a result of great content.

Your website must contain high quality, timely content that people will actually what to links to your page on their blog. On their social networks or on a social bookmaking site. The links are considered passive and you cannot control how people react to your content, it must you tailor it to meet demands and to raise interest. These are not the only links you should consider. There are many possible ways to generate links.

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