Getting Busied with My Wardrobe Color Style

Getting Busied with My Wardrobe Color Style

Getting Busied with My Wardrobe Color Style

I still struggle with my taste for colors, and every time I think I’ve developed a color scheme of just 4-5 shades. Just like me, other people keep finding on how introducing color to your wardrobe and a few extras that would also go well. Some of them overlap into the next group, others are completely different. From Jumper 1234 style to pale greens and blues, from delicate patterns to solids. My mind overloads completely with colors from nature all the time, any season all the time.

I could make swatches and sketches as a full-time job and never get beyond that. So, what do you prefer, guys? I’m curious to know: Separate seasonal clothing that all match within their group, or even the same group all year, changing out everything often to benefit from new color inspiration or do you fall into the trap of buying that one pretty thing and then you have 8 wildly different shirts but no pants or sweaters that match? Unique shirts, with jeans or all black/white pants? Do you get yourself a new autumn wardrobe every year in the colors chosen by the manufacturers? Or do you just stick to basic neutrals because you can’t be bothered, and just dress to be decent.

I may have a hygiene problem, but I don’t have top to bottom outfits of pants, shirt or vest for instance, which all get changed and washed after a day and which are always together as a set. In winter I wear many layers, in summer I have 2 pairs of shorts and some trousers that all fit. I change the sweaty bits every day but not necessarily the rest, and definitely not jeans unless I spill something on it. It’s not my habit of buying clothes say, every month, and it’s not something I want in my budget or my mind, not to speak of the environment. I wear my cars, my furniture and my clothes out. I’m asking because when you look at photos of something nice, it’s always the complete outfit that pleases my eyes (of course good photography and careful background helps to make all the colors go together). But if I separate the items in my brain, none of it goes with anything. So, I end up with black, white, blue, green when faced with a t-shirt sale for instance.

Well, also because I don’t like the other options available. So back to making my own color choices. (although, green isn’t just green, is it? There are so many you could work with just those for a while) The concern for making your own clothes is: Do you just follow single strands of inspiration or is it more sensible to plan for a collection? Doesn’t have to be less fun, just time consuming. How do you make a useful plan for your weaving? Basically, what I need is my own favorite sweatshop to get through every idea in a reasonable amount of time. So instead of repeatedly going back to the mind of creating a massive pile of fabrics to sew from, I wonder why I just don’t work my way through the swatches by painting them? I have no idea! Perhaps it’s my version of a compulsory disorder.

Brains are strange creatures from God but it seems to make me happy when I’m in the flow of things, and I often pray at night I didn’t have to spend 8 hours on my back in the darkness. There’s my panel idea of course. We’ve just samples, get the use of all the color’s in one shirt. But I don’t think I’m ready to dress in patchwork all the time either. I just have this fantasy of all my items fitting together equally well and balance. No matter which two or three I pull out of the laundry pile with my eyes closed. As well as showing some variations, because it’s certainly easy enough to arrange 8 or more identical “suits” and never ponder the issue again. Right now, my brain is overthinking it instead – perhaps because I’ve been really exhausted this week, in a sleepy sort of way. It’s still very late getting light, so I’ve snoozed sometimes until 8! And I haven’t even exercised since last Saturday, so I can’t blame all that.

So which color combo should I pick first? Have I really picked the right weaving drafts? How wide and long should each fabric be? Should I make a short, tiny tabby to test all the color’s first? But I’m happy to at least be doing something, little steps every day until now.

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