Finding the Right Uniform for Work

Finding the Right Uniform for Work

Depending on what type of job you’re doing; you might have a certain type of clothing that you’re expected to wear. A good example of this is a girl who spends all of her time out on a farm might be looking at something like Cowgirl Up Apparel to wear. Look into all of these other occupations in which you would be expected to wear a different kind of uniform.


Waiters are almost always expected to be wearing some sort of uniform. If you’re someone working in a casual restaurant, you’re probably wearing something like nice pants and a shirt that has your employer’s name on the front of it. For those working in a fancier restaurant, you’re probably going to be expected to wear a uniform that consists of dress shoes, pants, and a nice top whether it be a button-up or a dress jacket. Make sure that you consult your boss to find out your dress code before you start working if you decide to become a waiter.

Store Associates

Store associates are personnel that is usually responsible for walking around a store and helping customers with questions, or working a cash register. For this type of uniform, you’re probably going to be expected to wear pants that might be tan or black, so they look a bit more professional than standard jeans but not by too much. You’ll also be wearing a shirt that either is the color code of your store or simply has the logo of it on it. Shoes can differ between employers, but many allow standard sneakers as long as they aren’t too off-colored since you’re going to be on your feet all day. Additionally, you might be wearing an apron if you’re someone who might be expected to help out with tasks relating to food every once in a while. Being a store associate might be one of the roles you take on if you decide to ever work in retail.


If you’re working as a janitor, you’re expected to get dirty at some point. This is why you’re usually expected to wear some sort of jumpsuit that isn’t too flashy so you can easily take it off without getting dirty more at the end of the day. As this job is seen to be more casual, you’re also going to be able to wear any type of shoes, just make sure they are comfortable enough where you can wear them all day without having to sit down. Additionally, think about what to wear under the jumpsuit as you might want to layer up if you’re going to be colder somewhere. Make sure that you fully understand the dress code of being janitor before you start working as one.


Knowing the dress code for your job is important. Always talk to a higher-up anytime you switch jobs, so you make sure that you are always fully understanding the dress code. You should be good to go on working once you’ve gotten the right uniform.

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