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10 Trendiest Layered Bob Hairstyles As They Are Today

10 Trendiest Layered Bob Hairstyles As They Are Today

Casual styles are usually seen with those red carpet enthusiasts. Nowadays everyone wants to appear gorgeous and fresh as if a member of the red carpet. Layered bob offers unlimited freedom on the selection concerning the styling solutions. You can choose either from slight tousled curly, thin flat styles or voluminous wavy.

Short trimmed hair is leading as the most preferred hairstyle of the bob versions. You can wear them in clumsy styles or chic updos.If you choose long bobs, they encompass highlights or ombre depending on your choice.

Mixed layered bob is ideal for medium and sleek dense hair. Do not try it with curly hair as it my assume a shape of a triangle that might not be so appealing to you.

layered bob

1. Pretty Pale Blonde

Do you need to apply dye to your thick hair to have a fuller hair? No. A solid colour will enhance a refreshing touch to your layered bob haircut. This haircut is quite perfect for those seductive and sweet women.

2. Modern Blonde Bob

If you an urban chic try bob with a deeply enriched part and elongated bangs that augment perfectly with the remaining portion of the rough cut. You can choose from many options for holding the hair for the layers to be unique.

3. Stylish Wispy Bob

This hairstyle will make you feel girlish and modern as well. It is of the same length but augmented with some feathery pieces that soften its feel. What assembles the cut … Read More

Chic and Feminine Updo Braided Hairstyles for a Soft and Romantic Vibe

Chic and Feminine Updo Braided Hairstyles for a Soft and Romantic Vibe

Braided hairstyles are becoming very popular! And with all the looks available for braids today, there are so many from which to choose! Whether you want a simple three-strand french braid or a more intricate braided updo for a formal event, you will be sure to find the look you are looking for!

Braided hairstyles are also a great way to show off your trendy hair colors! From ombre to balayage hues, your colored hair will even more stunning in a braided updo!

If you aren’t skilled at braiding, have no worries. There are plenty of online videos, tutorials and step-by-step how to guides for just about every style of braid!

Following is a list of some of the most popular braided hairstyles!

  1. 3 Strand Braid (and variations therefore)
  2. Box Braid
  3. Braided Updo
  4. Cobra Braid
  5. Cornrows
  6. Dutch Braid
  7. Dutch Spiral Braid
  8. Fishtail Braid
  9. Fishtail Mermaid Braid
  10. French Fishtail Braid
  11. Herringbone Braid
  12. Inverted Fishtail Braid
  13. Milkmaid Braid
  14. Lace Braid
  15. Ladder Braid
  16. Lattice Braid
  17. Mermaid Braid
  18. Pull-Through Braid
  19. Reverse French Braid
  20. Rope Braid
  21. Upside Down Braid
  22. Waterfall Braid

And when it comes to updos, the possibilities for braided hairstyles is even more diverse. You can mix and match popular braids with chic and sophisticated updos for any look. From a wedding updo to a casual hippie or Boho Chic style, we can help you find the right braided style for any occasion! So whether you are looking for a cute braid to for an everyday look or an intricate braided updo … Read More

Strategies in The Workplace to Make it More Feminist

Strategies in The Workplace to Make it More Feminist

Maybe you’ve just come across a sexual harassment problem in your HR department, and it was all handled so badly that it ended up as an office-wide scandal with resignations left and right. Maybe you’re a female business leader, and after having faced discrimination too many times while working in online business, you want to make the office a more progressive place for both male and female employees. Or maybe you have no reason at all other than the fact that it’s 2018 and feminism is something you want to fight for in every aspect of your life, including business.

Whatever your reason for wanting to become a more feminist business leader, there are some great strategies you can start implementing today. Whether it’s the side business you’re running or a Fortune 500 company, here are some ways to become more feminist now:

1. Make your office a safe space for communication

First of all, when it comes to problems women are facing in the workplace–whether it’s sexual harassment or challenges associated with taking maternity leave–it’s important to make sure they feel like they’re being heard. Even with the trending #MeToo movement, many women’s claims are being questioned, which is not a huge surprise considering that, according to Vox, 75 percent of workplace harassment victims experienced retaliation when they spoke up.

So you’ll already be making a huge step forward if you allow your female employees to come to you with any problem, and demonstrate that you’ll be … Read More

Getting Busied with My Wardrobe Color Style

Getting Busied with My Wardrobe Color Style

Getting Busied with My Wardrobe Color Style

I still struggle with my taste for colors, and every time I think I’ve developed a color scheme of just 4-5 shades. Just like me, other people keep finding on how introducing color to your wardrobe and a few extras that would also go well. Some of them overlap into the next group, others are completely different. From Jumper 1234 style to pale greens and blues, from delicate patterns to solids. My mind overloads completely with colors from nature all the time, any season all the time.

I could make swatches and sketches as a full-time job and never get beyond that. So, what do you prefer, guys? I’m curious to know: Separate seasonal clothing that all match within their group, or even the same group all year, changing out everything often to benefit from new color inspiration or do you fall into the trap of buying that one pretty thing and then you have 8 wildly different shirts but no pants or sweaters that match? Unique shirts, with jeans or all black/white pants? Do you get yourself a new autumn wardrobe every year in the colors chosen by the manufacturers? Or do you just stick to basic neutrals because you can’t be bothered, and just dress to be decent.

I may have a hygiene problem, but I don’t have top to bottom outfits of pants, shirt or vest for instance, which all get changed and washed after a day and which are always together as a set. In winter … Read More

40 Seriously Cute Hairstyles & Haircuts for Short Hair

40 Seriously Cute Hairstyles & Haircuts for Short Hair

Short hair has a lot of versatility embedded into it! Style it up or keep it classic and cool – or add multitudes of color for extra pop.

Textured strands or clean cut lines; whichever you choose.

Here are 40 seriously cute hairstyles for short hair:

  1. Chin Length Layers
    Choppy, blown out and short layers give this hairstyle life
  1. Cute, Short Chic Waves
    A hybrid of a pixie cut and a Bob but paired with natural waves
  1. Short, Side Swept Pixie
    The epitome of hairstyles for short hair is the pixie cut, revamp it by sweeping it to the side
  2. Textured Bob
    The classic Bob with lots of layers for fullness and texture
    4.Textured Bob
  3. Crisp and Clean
    Chin length hair cut into a Bob and straightened. This look is easy to maintain
  1. Pixie with an Edge
    A pixie cut with flat sides and clean lines for a fun and versatile look
  1. Garcons Cut
    A line cut that is usually for males but not outlines and a soft fringe for femininity.
  1. Natural Edge
    Short Textured Bob that has the versatility to go from casual to serious
  1. Inverted Bob
    Many hairstyles for short hair include a bob. The inverted Bob is god for lots of face types and hair textures
  1. Balayaged Undercut
    A classic cut with hair shorter at the base and longer at the front with a trendy color
  1. Bold Blush
    Pixie cut with bold pink tips
  1. Short ‘n Spicy
    Shorter than a bob, but loner than a pixie –
Read More