1920s Fashion Tips for Party Outfit

1920s Fashion Tips for Party Outfit

Dressing in style for a party can be fun, especially when you decide to get back to the former eras. Looking to replicate 1920s fashion with your outfit for a party? You can draw inspiration from what men and women wore for party in the 1920s.

In the 1920s, ladies were seen in lavished fancy frocks, while their male counterparts simply went for more comfy dinner outfits such as dinner jackets (tuxedos) and avoided the stuffy tailcoats.

Inspiration for Men

A lot of men were not drawn to formal attire in the 1920s but embraced striped suits, Homburg hats, flashy neckties and walking sticks with gold cap. They simply loved it colorful, stylish and simple.

Men had popular hairstyle that characterized the 1920s era. Typically, men were seen with side parts in parties or elsewhere. The ones who had locks used shinier pomades to slick them.

If you don’t want a typical 1920s hairdo as a man, you can go for an undercut featuring longer proportions on top. It’s also important to say that the military was a major influence for men’s hairdo in this era. So, you should think of neat, sharp and clean when considering a suitable 1920s hairdo to complement your 20’s themed party wear.

Inspiration for Ladies and Women

For ladies, looking really gorgeous and unique in your 1920 fashion for a themed part can be best achieved by coming up with the iconic flapper dress style. This will also give you a really fancy look, especially when you go formal in your 1920s dress. So, get a dose of 20s fashion history alongside pictures and even videos to help you draw inspiration and be in the right mood for the party.

Ladies can go ahead and experiment with the Miss Fisher’s casual style as seen in the popular TV show. Alternatively, a lady can mimic Downton Abbey’s sophisticated looks.


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